After a touring for ten years as a drummer in various rock bands across the US, UK, and Europe, in 2015 Dave stepped off the road to concentrate on production full time. Since then Dave has picked up plays on Radio 1, Radio 2, 4 Music, Kerrang TV, and many local radio stations.

He has worked with a long list of established and upcoming talent including: Blackbeards Tea Party, Boy Jumps Ship, Greywind, Slam Dunk Festival, Romesh Dodangoda, Traits, Fair Do’s, Natal Drums/Marshall Amplification, CJ Wildheart, Blink 182, The Bastard Sons, Violet Contours, Flatcap Carnival, Feed Them To The Forest, Tomorrow Is Lost, Supermoon, A Jokers Rage and many more…

Dave holds the fort as our in-house engineer and is on hand anytime of day or night to talk about your next project.

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“Dave’s fantastic at getting the best out of you and always providing awesome input and ideas as how to make the songs really shine” – Flatcap Carnival

“Top rate studio, top rate gear. Dave has a depth of technical knowledge, plus an incredible ear for production. We achieved amazing results at Reel with our latest EP, can’t recommend enough.” – Feed Them To The Forest

“Two of the bands I manage have used Reel to great success recently, with one of the single releases receiving comments for the production quality by a leading radio station DJ. A massive thanks has to go to Dave B for his hard work and the knowledge he has passed on to both bands.” – Alhpa Festivals

“Top quality gear, lots of analogue outboard stuff, great choice of mics. Most importantly, Dave the sound engineer who knows how to get the best out of the band. The final product just blew us away.” – Supermoon